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LAMAR parquet... inspired by nature




LAMAR parquets from Elegance collection are the true inspiration for your interior design. Precise cut, perfectly sanded surfaces, gently beveled edges and fine coating of oil or lacquer/varnish, release the complete visual character of wood. The structure of wood in these parquets can be further emphasized by brushing, enhancing the unique profile of each board with all their natural differences. Parquets from this collection will fill every space with its name - elegance.



The Eterna collection is a unique creation of our artisans, whose work in combination with nature becomes timeless. This collection is made of hand crafted and hand scraped parquets, designed to reflect the style of times past through modern manufacturing. Eterna collection interprets your style in a unique way, melding it with natural imperfection of wood, sculpted by human hands and enhanced through color and oil, which will give your space a note of warmth, comfort, but also perpetuity.


Nurturing the passion for wood and creativity we've prepared a collection of premium parquet infused with authenticity - Regulus. The natural beauty and rustic appearance of wood in these floors are highlighted with brushing and use of colors, rounded off with ac coating of the highest quality oil, giving the floor a satin, smooth surface and high resistance and long-term protection at the same time. Thanks to its versatility these floors will fit beautifully any space and decorating style.



Just as in times long past, when designed floors adorned the royal and noblemen's palaces, the LAMAR Art collection introduces a breath of art in your living space, giving it a tradicional and refined taste. Hand-made parquet from this collection are designed as a mosaic, limited only by your imagination and produced with artistic skill of our artisans. Spirit of the royal tradition transfer by human hands to each design is the guarantee that you have the floor of true and enduring value.