Effects of different wood working


Wood is a natural and irreplaceable material in creation of spatial values. Due to the specific beauty and structure, and depending on the processing method, the surface of wood with Lamar three-layer parquet can be adapted to any style of decoration. With different kinds of processing, we can achieve the effects of smooth, wavy, relief or old surface parquets. In this manner, the wood texture is highlighted and its natural beauty comes to light.




Sanding is the process of final woodworking by which we remove small particles from the surface of wood in order to achieve a smooth surface. The main task of sanding is to improve the surface of the wood to allow the application of varnish, paint and oil.




Brushing is the special treatment of parquet, by which we remove the soft parts of the wood with special brushes. In this manner the wood structure is emphasized, and the rings and natural wood is pointed out. Brushing revives wooden surfaces, and after the application of paints, oils and / or varnish, wood texture is even more pronounced.


Rucno hoblovan1M


Hand scraping is a special technique, where we use hand tools in order to achieve an antique appearance of the wood. This process resembles the ‘relief’ woodworking whose texture and history can be felt under the fingers. This kind of surface treatment is usually combined with the rustic appearance of wood in order to further emphasize its natural beauty.


Rucno radjen_1


Inspired by the traditional techniques of woodworking and nurturing a passion for authentic and creative, we have developed an attractive technique, which represents true innovation for surface wood treatment. Surface treatment of wood is done through the work of artisans with hand processing, dyeing and oiling of every board of LAMAR parquet.