The final treatment of wood is one of the most important esthetic features of floors. It is emphasized by applying environmental resources, such as natural, transparent oil or oil color, wax, stain or varnish on the surface layer of the parquet. In this way, parquet retains naturalness, it lasts longer and we improve its esthetic effects by adjusting colors and emphasizing texture.




Slightly velvety surface and completely preserved natural appearance of wood, make the oil particularly desired final treatment for protection and care of the parquet. By using only natural oils, based on 100% natural raw materials, oil surface of parquet LAMAR allows floor to “„breathe” and thereby regulates the moisture content in the floor and guarantees a healthy room climate. Surfaces protected with oil are easy to maintain, provide lasting protection and are resistant to abrasion.



Wood stain

Wood stain is decorative, semi-transparent coating designed for dyeing or finishing wood. It is applied with a layer of paint on the surface of the wood, but the texture remains visible. In this manner we achieve a beautiful and rustic wood look.




Parquet lacquers are environmentally friendly and can be water or oil-based. Applying the varnish allows the wood to maintain a natural appearance while increasing the strength of the surface layer. Lacquered parquet floors are easy to maintain and have high resistance to abrasion. LAMAR oiled flooring can be further protected with varnishing, but only if you apply a high-quality water-based varnishes.




Waxing the surface of parquet gives similar look of parquet that has been treated with oil. The wax is applied as a final coating of wooden surfaces and it is based on natural raw materials. The surfaces treated with these coatings retain warmth and natural look and texture of the wood is preserved and further emphasized.