LAMAR parquets represent a new generation of hardwood floors, whose properties are significantly improved in relation to the single layer (massive) parquet floors. The multi-layer construction of LAMAR parquet guarantees stability and longevity that is achieved by unification of several different wood segments into a one single unit.
Thanks to its engineering and connecting technology, as well as interaction of different layers of wood, in comparision to the massive floors the two-layer and three-layer are much less susceptible to the impact of various unfavorable environmental factors, such as inadequate moisture in the ground or in the air. This is why LAMAR parquet is perfectly designed to maintain its original look longer, not to dry out and not to show cracks.




Three-layer parquets


Two-layer parquets



Top layer for LAMAR parquet is made from a single plank (lamella) of the finest types of wood regardless of the dimension of the parquet. Its positioning in relation to the base layer(s) is the key to a special construction bonding that gives the parquet its exceptional firmness. The thickness of the top layer is generally 4 or 6 mm, which enables its sanding 4-5 times during its lifetime. Considering that an average period before reparation of the parquet flooring is 10 years and that a single sanding takes down max. 1mm of hardwood, clearly the life expectancy of LAMAR parquet is equal to that of classic, single-layer floors.

Middle layer in three-layer, and bottom layer in two-layer parquets is the active layer. It is positioned at a 90° angle in relation to the top layer and its made of specifically cut slats of softer wood, cut to obtain the wood rings in a vertical position, providing the floor with additional stability and enabling this layer to adjust to temperature and other changes in the environment.

Bottom layer in three-layer LAMAR parquet is made of the highest quality softwood vaneer and acts as a base for the middle layer, giving it better firmness and stability, while increasing parquet's isolation properties at the same time. Joined together, these two layers create so called parquet carpet, which is the "heart" of the three-layered parquet and whose primary function is to adjust the floor to the changing climate during the all four seasons.


LAMAR parquets are fused together using a traditional multi-layer parquet connection system tongue & groove, which is adjusted to the dimensions of the floor and with support of the modern technology guarantees high stability to the parquets. Each and every board of the LAMAR parquet is additionality highlighted by gently bevelled edges on all four sides, giving the whole space a unique look, while brining out the parquet itself. We suggest that the parquet be installed by glueing on the previously prepared surface.


LAMAR parquet is ready for every space,
available in the widest spectrum of dimensions:

thickness: 11 to 28 mm
width: 100 to 560 mm
length: 500 to 5700 mm